Ukraine’s Health Minister Called People Aged Over 65 “Corpses”

Health Minister of Ukraine Ilya Emets called the country’s citizens over 65 years old “corpses”. In his opinion, in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, the state and businesses should not spend money to support these people. The head of the Ministry of health said this on the air of “”.

According to Emets, Ukraine currently lacks the express tests and virological laboratories “even if to take in account the help of China”.

“After all, we know the statistics of how many people we have over 65 years old. <…> I say when financiers will start to count on those people who are still alive (elderly), I don’t joke or try to scare. I keep saying: calculate how much funds we need to allocate for living people, not for corpses,” Emets said.

To this date, 73 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Ukraine. Three people died and one recovered.

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