Ukraine’s Independence Day in Odessa: Which Photo Is Correct?

By Angelina Siard

Did you notice how persistently Kiev’s regime tries to persuade the entire world that Odessa, which has spoken Russian for centuries, is in reality a Ukrainian city? Do you remember the non-stop nationalistic marches in Odessa, where even a dog had the right to wear embroidery? I am not speaking about the French Duke, which already for the 3rd year is awaiting with horror the next Independence Day of Ukraine, when he will be again dressed in Ukrainian national clothes.
He didn’t forget that for this “independence” – from Russians – Bandera’s Ukraine burnt them alive in the House of Trade Unions in May 2014. But apparently it wasn’t enough to convince the Ukrainian Junta that the city ceased to be Russian. Forced Ukrainisation, love through coercion – their new method to intimidate the Russian population.  This year, after all provided efforts to bring the usual extras from surrounding villages and Western Ukraine, somehow, Ukraine’s Independence Day was lacking herded sheep.

This is how it looked in reality:


But of course, the ardent cameraman fixed the situation, choosing a more “correct” angle to make the crowd huge. The images were published online to please those Banderists that promptly assembled home-made molotov cocktails to torch “Colorads” and “Vatniks”:


Me, I propose to you a third photograph. Ukraine burnt and killed 100,000 of its own people in order to become “independent” from them. Now she looks like this:


… and don’t tell me that it is photoshopped.

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