Ukraine’s Interior Minister Defended “Azov” in Front of the Americans

Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, during a meeting with the head of the American mission Kristina Kvien, stood up for the “Azov” unit, which the US want to add to the list of terrorist organisations. This was reported by the press service of the department on its Facebook page.

According to Avakov, “Azov” militants perform service-combat tasks to defend the country in an exemplary way. He noted that the unit is legally part of the National Guard of Ukraine. The minister believes that an attempt is being made to stop “Azov” through the “hybrid method” because of its combat effectiveness in Donbass in the “defence against military aggression”.

“The shameful information campaign about the alleged spread of the Nazi ideology among the personnel of the separate special purpose unit ‘Azov’ (…) is a deliberate attempt to discredit the unit (…) primarily in the consciousness of the international partners of Ukraine, to provoke a crisis in relations with our allies,” reads the official message.

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