Ukraine’s Lawless 2019 Elections – the Embodiment of Western “Democracy”

The pre-election scandal implicating Petro Poroshenko’s entourage in serious fraud is now snowballing at a rapid speed, with all parties involved trying to bombard their political rivals with negative PR in the hope of retaining their respective electoral base, and thus their ability to pillage the state budget.

The US Ambassador in Kiev and expert on colour revolutions Marie Yovanovitch, speaking at the informational marathon “Dialogues in Time” on March 5th in Kiev, insisted on the government of Ukraine carrying out an audit of the enterprises connected to the state-owned Ukroboronprom– the heart of Ukraine’s military-industrial complex – and an investigation into the information about corruption presented in the film created by journalists from the “” website.

The government of Ukraine must schedule an audit of Ukroboronprom and declassify state defense orders to the greatest possible limit. It will promote transparency and the fight against corruption in the defence sector

According to the website’s investigation, the son of the former Undersecretary of the National Security and Defense Council Igor Gladkovsky, with the assistance of his father and the business partner Vitaly Zhukov, sold to “Ukroboronprom” altimeters made in Russia at a fivefold inflated price with a nice kickback. The first Deputy Director-General of the “Ukroboronprom” Sergey Omelchenko has admitted that these devices were installed on An-26 aircraft.

In addition, Yovanovitch also said that the norm on illegal enrichment must be restored in Ukrainian legislation as one of the important elements of the so-called fight against corruption. The American ambassador explained that the decision of the Constitutional Court is a very significant step back in this “fight”. Apparently, it weakens Ukraine’s anti-corruption architecture, including the Supreme Anti-corruption Court that is supposed to be created in Ukraine but hasn’t, as well as the National Anti-corruption Bureau (NABU).

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In February NABU, which is controlled by Washington, initiated a criminal case concerning embezzlement in the defence sector. This happened after “” published material revealing the scheme of large-scale theft in the defence industry involving officials who are close to Poroshenko. In turn, the press service of NABU stated that the published information may have leaked from the Military Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the head of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and pet of America Nazar Kholodnitsky, speaking on the “112 Ukraine” channel, there is reason to believe that someone deliberately did not want to consider criminal cases of theft in defence enterprises. In response to Kholodnitsky’s statement, NABU suggested that the facts made public by journalists may be contained in the materials of an investigation being carried out the Military Prosecutor’s Office headed by Anatoly Matios. Gladkovsky, speaking on a TV channel that belongs to Poroshenko, said that the oligarch and arch nemesis of the current President Igor Kolomoisky is behind the investigation against him and his father.

Concerning Kholodnitsky, Marie Yovanovitch is quoted as saying that he should be fired, because, you know, America decides who holds what post, which isn’t meddling in another country’s affairs at all…

For the sake of the integrity of anti-corruption institutions, the Special Anti-corruption Prosecutor should be replaced. Those who were caught advising a suspect on how to avoid responsibility on charges of corruption should not be trusted to lead these same cases

The journalists of “” stated that they received the correspondence and documents on defence schemes from an unknown person by e-mail. Then they collected data for a long time, checking the information received. In the investigation it is said that Igor Gladkovsky, Vitaly Zhukov, and also Andrey Rogoza since 2016 sold spare parts for military equipment to Ukrainian defense enterprises at a 300% profit margin.

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Hence why the following day, on February 26th, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine repealed the article 368-2 of the Criminal Code assuming severe punishment for illegal enrichment, thus removing the threat of imprisonment for a period of 2 to 10 years with the confiscation of property and a ban on holding certain positions for a period of up to three years.

And on March 5th, following through on his recent threat, Igor Gladkovsky sued the investigative journalist Denis Bigus (head of “”) for the “protection of honour and dignity”. And as if things couldn’t become more comical, on the same day the fugitive politician Aleksandr Onishchenko stated that he was ready to pay 500,000 hryvnia for every quality investigation that “leads to the resignation of the thief from Poroshenko’s entourage, as well as the SBU, Prosecutor-General’s Office, and NABU”. At the same time, he said that he is ready to pay 1 million hryvnia for an investigation that will lead to the resignation of Poroshenko.

Last but not least, the battle between Avakov’s titushki (led by National Corpus, or more commonly known as “Azov”) and Poroshenko’s titushki (led by C14) also heats up in the framework of this altimeter circus. On February 26th “National Corpus” came to the house of Igor Gladkovsky in the Kiev region and staged a rally “against corruption”

…or in other words, they want to be in Gladkovsky’s position and impudently embezzle funds too.

The Nazis did the same thing on March 3rd, but this time there were about 1,000 of them, most of who came by bus. They said that if their demands are not met within 1 week, “we will go to Maidan and carry out direct action”.

As a gesture of good will, they said that they won’t yet burn down Gladkovsky’s house.

Then they announced that a “big rally” will take place in Kiev on Maidan on March 9th.

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Seemingly, the only way “C14” can respond to this is by continuing to disrupt the campaign rallies of Tymoshenko and Zelensky (both are projects of Kolomoisky), although it would appear that Poroshenko’s already slim chances have now been reduced to zero.

And so here is Ukraine’s 2019 presidential election – complete lawlessness, similar in terms of its unconstitutionality to the sham Maidan elections that marked the transition from Yatsenyuk’s junta to Poroshenko’s uber-junta. No western media outlet will tell the truth about what is happening in Kiev, because they all cheerleaded Maidan and yet another “regime change” in the name of “democracy”.

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