Ukraine’s Ministry of Education Demanded to Remove References to Shukhevych’s Cooperation with Hitler From a School History Textbook

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine obliged a publishing house that distributes textbooks about the history of Ukraine to remove for the 10th class any mention of Roman Shukhevych and the SS Galicia division’s cooperation with units of the Nazi army. This was reported on the Facebook page of the director of the Ukrainian Jewish committee Eduard Dolinsky.

According to him, earlier a group of activists appealed to deputies from theSvoboda party with the fact that in a textbook units of the German army Nachtigall, Roland, and the SS “Galicia” division are presented as manifestations of collaboration. Referring to the “conclusions of international and government commissions and also leading researchers on the subject”, activists said that Shukhevych was not a collaborator, and that the textbook “supports Russian propaganda”.

Deputies from “Svoboda”, in turn, appealed to the SBU and to the Ministry of Education with the demand to withdraw the textbook from circulation, which led to the demand of the Ministry of Education to the publishing house to remove the corresponding mention.

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