Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Reinstated the Nazi Consul Marushchinets and Paid Him 218,000 Hryvnia in Compensation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine complied with the decision of the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal by returning to its structure the former Consul of Ukraine in Hamburg, Vasily Marushchinets, who became known throughout the world for his pro-Nazi posts, and who called for the killing of the priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) and was proud to be a descendant of a Wehrmacht soldier. In addition, the notorious diplomat was paid the amount of the average income for forced absenteeism of almost a year and a half in the amount of 218,184 hryvnia, which today equals $200,000.

This is stated in the response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the information request of “Ukrainski Novini”.

At the peak of the scandal Ukraine Ukraine received an indignant note from the German Foreign Ministry regarding Marushchinets, the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Vladimir Elchenko called him a “scoundrel and a non-entity”, former Minister Pavel Klimkin declared that such people “stand no chance in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”. The media of Germany, Poland, and Israel wrote about his posts with indignation and, as the cherry on a cake, he became the anti-hero of Reuters, Yahoo, Daily Mail, and The New York Times publications, thus glorifying Ukraine in the leading world media.

Back then, last May, he was promptly sent back to Ukraine and dismissed from the diplomatic corps and from service following an official investigation. The District Administrative Court of Kiev, where Marushchinets challenged his dismissal, accepted the arguments of the Disciplinary Commission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, in November this year a panel of judges of the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal decided that Marushchinets had been dismissed illegally and that there was nothing in his actions that violated the oath of a civil servant, and decided to restore him to his previous position. The fact that the Germans, Poles, British, and Americans were extremely indignant seemed to our court to be an insignificant episode “taken out of context”: what’s here, it’s just the usual everything thing!

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Deny the Holocaust, call Jews kikes, glorify Mein Kampf – receive a payout of 218,000 hryvnia from the Ukrainian court.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs appointed the uniate Marushchinets to the Department of Counteracting Threats from the Russian Federation.

And paid everything to the last kopeck.

Despite the notes of protest of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs against Marushchinets’ activities, the court found nothing reprehensible in his pro-Nazi statements and questioned the damage he caused to the image of Ukraine.

This is a good lesson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the civil service – Marushchinets should not have been dismissed for such actions, but instead brought to justice under the Criminal Code for incitement to inter-ethnic enmity.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs could send Marushchinets to Germany without diplomatic immunity – there he would be told exactly who was shot at Babi Yar.

Miroslava Berdnik

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