Ukraine’s Ministry of Health Refused to Publish Coronavirus Recommendations in Russian

Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture have issued recommendations on combating coronavirus in the languages of the national minorities, but Russian, spoken by millions of citizens, is not among them. This was reported by the Kiev political scientist Mikhail Pavliv.

“Of course, it is hardly possible to call the language of half the population of the country a minority language, but that’s not the point. The point is that de-facto Ukrainian healthcare does not care about the fate of tens of millions of Russian-speaking Ukrainians,” he said on his blog.

Pavliv recalled that discrimination in Ukraine has lasted for years, but in the last five years the boundaries of the “linguistic and ethno-cultural ghetto” have been narrowing particularly actively.

“The state has simply deleted from its future tens of millions of citizens of Ukraine – Russian-speaking people, people of the Russian culture, Russian Ukrainians, if you like,” considers the political scientist.

In his opinion, Ukrainian officials pursue the idea of “moving away from everything Russian” and implement it even by refusing to issue recommendations to combat the infection, which has already affected more than 170 countries.

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