Ukraine’s Ministry of Healthcare Encourages the Drug Mafia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The legal volume of storage of narcotic substances is being increased 50-200 times…

Over time life in Ukraine more and more resembles the Wonderland through the looking-glass, in which everything turns into its antithesis – things, people, and even State structures. For example, the Ministry of Healthcare in a normal reality must care about the health of the citizens of its State and to push forward ideas for a healthy lifestyle. In the Wonderland through the looking-glass under the name of Ukraine everything is on the contrary – there the Ministry of Healthcare lobbies for the legalisation of drug dealing. You will say that such a thing cannot be possible? Today everything is possible in Ukraine!

However, it won’t be succeeded to just suddenly allow it, after all, the citizens of Ukraine in their main mass have a negative attitude towards drugs and drug dealers. But to slightly open the “Overton window” in the way so that not everybody immediately understands what is what is easy to do. And here the Ministry of Healthcare already acts as the initiator of the introduction of changes to its own decree on the legal dose of storage of drugs. The allowed volume of drug storage will increase: cocaine – by 50 times, heroin – by 60 times, acetylated opium – by 200 times, marijuana – by 5 times.

“Such changes proposed by the Ministry of Healthcare mean the full legalisation of retail drug dealing, after all, from now on drug dealers won’t need to hide or to have a stash – they will be able quite lawfully to carry with themselves at any one time 6 doses of cocaine, 10 doses of heroin, and 12.5 doses of marijuana and to sell it to Ukrainians, among who there can also be our relatives. Who does this benefit? And what’s next? Increasing the allowed volumes of drug storage in kilograms? It is difficult for me to understand how a ministry designed to take care of the health of the nation can actually support the legalisation of drugs in Ukraine? In whose interests do they act – in the interests of the State or the drug mafia?” rhetorically asked the People’s Deputy of Ukraine and Chairwoman of the committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning healthcare Olga Bogomolets.

The deputy stated that she “will categorically oppose any attempts to put the supply of drugs to Ukrainians on a conveyor belt”.

“Today in Ukraine drugs are more permitted than forbidden – the Chinese analogs of psychotropic substances that arrive in Ukraine in large quantities are not included in the list of forbidden ones at all. These are various salts, mixtures, and other analogs of practically all available drugs, especially the psychotropic substances that are most used by drug addicts around the world. As a result we have a catastrophic growth in the number of drug addicts: according to the research of public organisations, today in Ukraine there are  1 to 1.5 million of such people,” reported Bogomolets.

She also noted that today in Ukraine every tenth family tries to cope with a drug problem. But if to allow small drug dealers to legally store and carry large volumes of drugs, the situation will quickly worsen.

“Before us is the usual clumsy attempt, which is once again hidden behind incantations about ‘reforms’, to fraudulently force through [in the Rada – ed] a decision in the interests of the drug mafia. But we won’t allow it. I call on all citizens to protest against their initiatives promoting the spreading of drug addiction in Ukraine,” said Olga Bogomolets, the former “chief doctor of Maidan”, who completely supported the coup and treated the bandits beating and killing “Berkut” officers on Maidan.

Olga Bogomolets – a physician with a good education – seriously thought that the people who came to power in a criminal way will lead her country to a bright future? What fight against drug dealing does she expect from the prosecutor’s office, at the head of which is an alcoholic without a law education [Yury Lutsenko – ed]? Does the doctor Bogomolets understand that murders and arms trafficking are already legalised in Ukraine, and that the legalisation of drug dealing will only slightly worsen the overall criminal picture of modern Ukraine? And the most important thing is that she jointly participated in all of this?

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Probably, she understands something, and tries to change things as she can. But it’s not a coincidence that the American volunteer Ulana Suprun was appointed to lead Ukrainian healthcare, and those innovations that she introduces are the result not of her own personal creative itch. Increasing the legal volume of storage of narcotic substances by 50-200 times will cause the network of Ukrainian drug dealers to expand – it means that it is needed by someone in Ukraine.

And what about Suprun? The acting minister of healthcare dispels “myths” on her Facebook page, convincing Ukrainian citizens that sitting on cold surfaces isn’t harmful at all – apparently, you can sit your way to good health, overcooling the lower body risks nothing. It’s not without reason that in Ukraine she was awarded the nickname Doctor Death.

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