Ukraine’s Ministry of Healthcare Is Considering Announcing a Measles Epidemic

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ministry of Healthcare may announce a measles epidemic in Ukraine in the near future. This was stated by the acting Minister of Healthcare Ulana Suprun after a governmental meeting on Wednesday.

According to her, the Ministry of Healthcare will prepare documents for the convocation of a special commission for consideration of the question of the need to announce an epidemic of measles in Ukraine before the end of the week. “The Ministry of Healthcare has not announced an epidemic: currently there is an outbreak of measles. We watch to see if the indicators (for measles) will move to an epidemic level,” said Suprun.

According to her, in order to announce an epidemic it is necessary to confirm a number of indicators, including not only the level of disease and mortality. Suprun also noted that a decision to announce an epidemic is made by the special commission. “In order to announce an epidemic we have to convene a special commission, which will do it. We will gather all legal documents before the end of the week so that this commission can be convened and so it can consider whether or not it is already time to announce an epidemic,” added the acting minister.

According to Ulana Suprun, if an epidemic is announced, the ministry will have more powers to purchase a larger amount of vaccines and to expand the list of persons who can receive a vaccine.

It’s not a coincidence that Ukrainian doctors are speaking about an epidemic. During the first two weeks of the year over 1,000 new cases emerged in the country . For comparison: during all of last year it was less than 5,000.

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