Ukraine’s Most Notorious Nationalist Battalion Issued A Threat To a Ukrainian Journalist From Behind Bars

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The well-known Ukrainian journalist and leader of the “ZIK” TV channel Nataliya Vlashchenko received a not really pleasant “hello” from Tornado.

Representatives of the scandalous battalion recorded a video on Facebook, in which they said that Vlashchenko stopped being objective and started to divide guests into those who should be asked “burning” questions, and those who should be “licked” – for example, the military prosecutor Anatoly Matios [the official who is responsible for jailing the “Tornado” battalion – ed]. Respectively, because of this the authors of the video started to become “nauseous”.

This video outraged the head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Sergey Tomilenko.

“This is one more example of the conscious incitement of hostility towards journalists and threats. It is also an example of the weakness of politicians, who were so worn out by the ‘burning’ questions of the well-known journalist that they turned to ‘Tornado’ for protection,” he wrote on Facebook.

Here is a more simplified explanation for those who aren’t familiar with the Tornado battalion and thus may struggle to understand this translation/article:

The Tornado battalion, which was
jailed by the junta in Kiev since it simply wasn’t possible to defend their actions in Donbass without discrediting themselves in the international arena, is angry because the journalist Nataliya Vlashchenko doesn’t pursue so-called “separatists” in the way that “Tornado” would like. Thus, they created this video in order to justify themselves and what they did in Donbass, and also to exert pressure on Ukrainian politics from inside jail, since they hold a grudge against Anatoly Matios, who is responsible for jailing them.

Please read the article below for an insight into what the Tornado battalion actually is (or was):

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