Ukraine’s Ordinary Routine: UAF Sniper-Hunting on Sleeping Civilians

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In peaceful Ukraine it was absolutely unthinkable that news about one more bombardment of Donbass could be reported so routinely as a weather forecast: “Today in Donetsk and Gorlovka there was rainfall in the form of “Grad” [hail – ed], tomorrow we can expect a “Uragan” [hurricane – ed]”. People were long ago no longer surprised by regular attacks on peaceful neighbourhoods and residential areas, the burned houses, the dead, wounded and contused. And that behind each announcement there are real deaths and crippled fates.

On Sunday, August 21st, as a result of massive attacks from the Ukrainian army in Kirovsky district of Donetsk two persons were killed, and five more civilians were wounded. The head of the local administration Irina Dikun was wounded in Zaitsevo, doctors diagnosed a contusion,” reported the Deputy Defence Minister of the DPR Eduard Basurin.

He spoke about sniper-hunting, arranged by the Ukrainian military. According to him, UAF snipers surveyed windows of houses and when the inhabitants appeared they shot at them. As a result, one of civilians of the Petrovsky district of Donetsk received a wound to the temple region of the head.

“In the evening, at 22:40, sniper fire wounded an inhabitant of the Petrovsky area. He was taken to hospital No. 14 with a slight injury to the temple area”, confirmed the head of the Petrovsky administration Maksim Zhukovsky.

The victim described the incident:

“At the time of the attack I was asleep. I fell asleep at 20:00, and everything occurred at about 10 in the evening. When the bullet arrived, it felt like my head had been hit by a sledgehammer. I touched my head with my hand, and I saw blood. And while I washed it away in the bathroom, my mother found a bullet in a pillow. People came and took me away to the hospital,” a wounded Aleksandr Visotsky told Federal News Agency.

Physicians said that the man was born under a “lucky star”: the sniper bullet scraped the temple at such an angle where the victim got off with bleeding and a hematoma.

“I don’t know the caliber of the bullet or where it was shot from. I was told it is 12.7 — big one, about a finger’s thickness. The DPR soldiers and a female nurse immediately came here, and sent me to the trauma unit. There the doctor examined, made scans, and told me that he will put me here, in the traumatological office,” the man surviving by a miracle said.

The military department of the DPR specified that the attack on peacefully sleeping inhabitants of the Petrovsky area was done especially with a sniper rifle. Thus, there are no doubts that the Ukrainian Army soldiers arranged deliberate sniper “hunting” on the heads of peaceful people, because according to locals there are no military facilities present nearby.

These messages once again confirm that at the order of the Kiev authorities the Ukrainian Armed Forces shoot not only at the enemy, but also at civilians. And those who refuse to admit these obvious facts are in fact accomplices of murderers.

“Today terrorists are active on Pechersky hills. Their sole purpose – to seed fear, to strengthen terror, and to receive new tranches from their curators,” considers the deputy of three convocations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, member of the Committee of Rescue of Ukraine Vladimir Oleinik.

By the way, the current Ukrainian leadership is proud of its snipers. Thus, in March of this year at the Kharkov palace of the National University “Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine” the presentation of a book by one of the university’s graduates – the UAF sniper Aleksandr Mamaluy – took place. He, who was in civil life a juror, and later as a part of a company of snipers of the 93rd of the separate mechanized Kharkov crew was awarded the order “For Courage” and a personalised firearms, was writing his “Military diary 2014-2015” in a field tent on the front line. The governor personally celebrated heroes: Igor Rainin at the presentation handed to Aleksandr Mamaluy the title of the adviser to the head of the region.

Ukraine Mamaluy sniper

UAF sniper Aleksandr Mamaluy

What was absolutely impossible, unthinkable two years ago became an ordinary routine for Ukrainians. But next time you watch the news with a cup of tea, remember that somewhere in Donbass the same peaceful people, as well as you, at this moment are under the next attack. Under a roar of shells and the whistle of sniper bullets parents hide their children in basements. And they are praying, praying so that this time they are “lucky”… and that at last in suffering Ukraine long-awaited peace will come…

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