Ukraine’s “Pennsylvanian Coal” Came From Novorossiysk

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


An American cargoship – the
“Ocean Ambitions” bulk ship – arrived in Novorossiysk on September 22nd to collect coal, which can be then sold to Ukraine as Pennsylvanian, according to the contract. Such shocking information was published by our friends on social networks, referring to their own sources.

Indeed, having recently unloaded in the Odessa port where the bulk ship was met by “bread and salt” as the first batch of precious (in a literal sense) “anti-Russian” coal, the ship went to Novorossiysk. Many asked themselves a question: what cargo did “Ocean Ambitions” travel for? And responded – isn’t it for Pennsylvanian coal?

So here it unloaded, and then it went to Novorossiysk. What cargo will it load there, I can’t even imagine. The location of the ship is here…

This logistical scheme is explained by the fact that, according to our own sources, “African coal” was already delivered to Ukraine from the same Novorossiysk. As the type of anthracite necessary to Ukrainian industry is being produced only in Donbass, then it’s clear that “anthracite from the Republic of South Africa” will go to Ukraine according to the scheme Donbass-Novorossiysk-Ukraine.

We will note, it could go via the railroad through Kharkov, but it was prevented by the “patriotic” blockade of Donbass, and the sea route appears simpler.

So, if not only African, but also American coal arrives to Ukraine from Novovrossiysk, it is possible to imagine how much Pennsylvanian traders will earn on the difference in the price of transportation. While Ukraine will pay and pay the US according to the contract.

“Pennsylvanian Coal”

And if this “coal road” is real, then it is possible to claim that the US treats Ukraine like a colony deprived of civil rights, and is ready to easily deceive it in the economic field, without being afraid of international conflicts.

For descriptive reasons we will remind you about the topic of the arrival of the bulk ship in Odessa.

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