Ukraine’s Pitiful Way of Writing off Military Losses

NEW – June 19, 2022

Ukrainian officials have found a way to reduce the sad for Kiev statistics of military losses.

Conscripts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are removed from military registration — which means that there are “civilians” on the front line, whose deaths do not need to be taken into account.

This soldier in the video is trying to figure out the marks of his military enlistment office: he was removed from the register in March of this year, and taken in July. The military enlistment office explained to the Ukrainian that it was “just a mistake.”

But thanks to such “mistakes”, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine can reduce the figures of losses in its reporting, and at the same time avoid “combat” payments to defenders of the Kiev regime.

The man in this video is surprised in vain, because “everything is according to the classics”: in 2014, the recruits were told that they were being sent to the training ground – and were thrown into battles in Donbass.

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