Ukraine’s Prime Minister Goncharuk Attended a Nazi Rock Concert

Last night (October 13th) the Ukrainian Prime Minister Aleksey Goncharuk came to a performance of the ultra-right rock group “Sokyra Peruna” in Kiev.

This group is known for its neo-Nazi lyrics. The Ukrainian “Strana” agency found out what is known about it and what the head of the Cabinet of Ministers did at this concert.

Goncharuk and Sokyra

The photo of his appearance was published by the head of “C14” Evgeny Karas. The concert was organised by Andrey Medvedko, who is suspected of murdering the writer Oles Buzina.

The veterans musicale took place in the “Docker Pub” on Bogatyrskaya Street in Kiev. Besides “Sokyra Peruna”, the group “Komu Vnyz” (the call of Vikings, meaning “forward”) performed there.

Goncharuk not only attended the event – he spoke on stage against the background of the logo of Sokyra. Maybe he even sang along.

In the video posted on Facebook, the Prime Minister, addressing the gathered nationalists, says “thanks for being here”.

“Thanks for being here. The fact that you are here gives us the chance to live on peaceful land under a peaceful sky and do what I think we are good at. We work for you. I work for you. In order so that Ukraine becomes stronger. We very much want our country to become really strong, that we have resources to finance our army, our girls and guys who sacrifice their lives every day, part of their time, so that the rest of Ukraine has the opportunity to live normally in a peaceful and successful Ukraine… Thank you and celebrate! You are really cool,” said Goncharuk, addressing the audience in the room.

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“Subjects of neo-nazism and white power prevailed”

The “Sokyra Peruna” group that the Prime Minister came to see has a neo-Nazi reputation.

After a concert of this group in Kiev in the spring of 2018, law enforcement initiated a criminal case – because of the use of a swastika and other Nazi symbols, and also because of fascist appeals and quotes from the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

It is specified on Ukrainian Wikipedia that the “Sokyra Peruna” group was founded in 1998. “At the beginning the subjects of neo-nazism and white power prevailed in their lyrics,” it is said in the article.

In the same place it is reported that the band’s former drummer Dmitry Volkov (Demyan) in 2002 was a participant of disorder at the central synagogue of Kiev.

It is interesting that in the summer the band’s singer Arseny “Belodub” Klimachev stood for the parliamentary election in the first 20 of the list of the “Svoboda” party.

In the lyrics of “August 17”, devoted to the birthday of the Nazi boss Rudolf Hess, there are such words:

“Helper of Adolf Hitler, you have made your way to the end.
Valhalla Gate opens to receive the fighter spirit!
We will never forget you and betray your memory!

Near us, always near us,
Rudolf Hess – help and strength in battle!
RaHoWa time, RaHoWa time will come.
And we will complete your cause in battle!”

“Sokyra Peruna” is close also to “Azov” and National Corpus“. The singer “Belodub” visited the children’s “Azov” camp and signed autographs there.

Klimachev also participates in the actions of nationalists – thus, he, along with “Right Sector” in 2015 hung a “commemorative plaque” on Oles Buzina‘s house in honour of his alleged murderers – Andrey Medvedko and Denis Polishchuk.

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After the beginning of the war in Donbass, the group had a second breath of life – it released the album “Road to the ATO”, the songs of which are sung at nationalist rallies.

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