Ukraine’s Prime Minister Goncharuk: “I’m a Complete Ignoramus in Economics, Zelensky Has an Empty Void in His Head”

An audio recording of a conversation allegedly between Prime Minister Aleksey Goncharuk, Deputy Head of the National Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova, and Finance Minister Oksana Markarova was published on the Internet.

During the conversation, the interlocutors discussed the exchange rate of the dollar in Ukraine and economic issues before the meeting with the Head of State Vladimir Zelensky. Goncharuk gave advice on how to submit everything to the president.

Main theses of the conversation:

  • Zelensky “has a very primitive understanding of economic processes”. The President allegedly does not understand what strengthens the hryvnia exchange rate. The head of state has “an empty void in his head”.
  • Goncharuk: “I am a complete ignoramus in economics, and a lawyer by education”.
  • Zelensky “has two fears: that corrupt officials earn money and that all this money is Petro Poroshenko’s”.

The video of the recording is described as: “The story of how Aleksey Goncharuk, Oksana Markarova, Yakov Smoliy, Ekaterina Rozhkova, and Yuliya Kovaliv gathered for a meeting with the ‘stupid president’ Zelensky”.

The Prime Minister distinguished himself the most with controversial statements.

“Zelensky has a very primitive understanding of economic processes. There is a balance of payments, and the exchange rate has been forcibly strengthened. An anomaly. He’s looking for an answer to that question. And he has no answer,” he issued.

The Prime Minister says that hypothetically it is necessary to explain to Zelensky that the hryvnia was strengthened due to the fact that it was rocked strongly before the election. And now people have seen that there is nothing to fear because there is “a new strong president”. “He doesn’t have this in his head. It is necessary show it in a way that looks realistic,” said the Prime Minister.

“As long as the president will not have answer to that question in his mind – he’ll have an empty void there. And this crap concerning bonds will arrive in his mind. It penetrates his head because there is fog in it,” added Goncharuk.

“I’m a complete ignoramus in economics – I’m a lawyer by education,” said the Prime Minister. At the same time, he heads the executive body, which, inter alia, deals with economic policy and manages state property.

“But what do I understand? There are two economic theories – monetarianism and Keynesian. You’re going down the path of cheaper resources. And you go down the path of printing money and sort of develop the economy. If you go by reducing the cost of resources, your strategy is for inflation to decline. And it is necessary to show that, look, in Western countries people earn 2%, deposits. Everything else is on speculative money. Therefore, the economy there grows, it does not fall,” added Goncharuk.

Rozhkova and Markarova joined the discussion on how to clearly explain the “what affects what” situation to the president.

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