Ukraine’s Prosecutor-General Admitted That the US Ambassador Yovanovitch Dictates Who He Cannot Touch

The Prosecutor General Press Secretary Larisa Sargan said that Yury Lutsenko‘s words about the list of “untouchable persons” from the US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch were apprehended literally, but did not capture the essence.

She published on Facebook the corresponding video of an interview of Yury Lutsenko with the American TV channel “The Hill” as proof. “There were difficulties with the translation: the most important thing is not literalism, but essence,” wrote the Prosecutor General’s representative.

“I have rather difficult personal relations with Ms ambassador. Unfortunately, our first meetings (as the Prosecutor General) started with the fact that Ms ambassador ANNOUNCED [she didn’t commit it to paper, as if it would make such meddling any less criminal… – ed] to me the list of people against who it is wrong to subject to criminal prosecution. I said that it is inadmissible. Nobody – not the president, with all respect for him, not the parliament, not the ambassador – will be able to stop me where the law stipulates criminal prosecution…” said Lutsenko, as quoted by Sargan.

Obviously, Lutsenko’s words are just a PR performance, since he hasn’t prosecuted the chief embezzler Petro Poroshenko or any member of his entourage. Instead, he bullies 84-year-old engineers from Kharkov and outspoken critics like Nadezhda Savchenko.

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