Ukraine’s Prosecutor-General Refused to Receive the Mother of Murdered Journalist Oles Buzina

Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka refused to receive the mother of the murdered O. Buzina, Valentina Pavlova Buzina. This was stated by the lawyer Artem Zakharov.

“Prosecutor-General R.Ryaboshapka repeated the actions of his predecessor Y.Lutsenko and refused to receive the 80-year-old mother of the murdered writer and journalist Oles Buzina.

In response to her appeal to the Prosecutor-General, Valentina Pavlova Buzina received a rejection of the prosecutor’s clerk, in which the procedure of reception by the Prosecutor-General was explained to her.

At the same time, Ryaboshapka pretended that he had ‘forgotten’ that the case of the murder of O. Buzina had long been included in the international human rights reports of the OSCE, the UN monitoring mission, and the US Department of State as one of the examples of attacks on journalists and gross violations of human rights in Ukraine.

The Prosecutor-General ‘forgot’ and that the European Court of Human Rights is considering the case on the complaint of the victim V.P. Buzina, including the failure of the state to comply with positive obligations to investigate and consider the murder case.

In addition, the Prosecutor General also kept silent about the fact that the case against the orderers and organisers of the murder, which at Lutsenko’s time was just lying about without movement in the Prosecutor’s Office of the city of Kiev, also continues to lie about under Ryaboshapka in the State Bureau of Investigations, without a single procedural action, and he, the Prosecutor-General, is most puzzled now by where to push this case away from his responsibility.

Of course, all of this ‘prevents’ the Prosecutor-General from receiving the victim and forces him to look for formal excuses for refusal.

Unfortunately, today’s Prosecutor General’s Office does not have to wait for results.

There will be no such results after the carried out pseudo-reforms.

The Prosecutor-General has long had to invite the victim of one of the most high-profile cases in the country, which has not been resolved, to find out the reasons for improper work, and then to take up his direct duties in the form of coordinating the work of law enforcement to eliminate these excuses and conditions.

But this is in the case of an effective prosecutor…

We publish the formal reply.

We will certainly react to the illegal actions,” said Artem Zakharov.

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Today, the Prosecutor continued to attach evidence to the prosecution in the trial of Medvedko and Polishchuk, who are accused of murdering Oles Buzina.

The court granted the Prosecutor’s request for the admission of part of the written evidence.

Once all the evidence of the prosecution has been admitted, such evidence will be examined by the court.

Former Deputy Prosecutor of Ukraine and Deputy of the Rada from “Opposition Platform – For LifeRenat Kuzmin spoke about what is going on with the case of the murder of the journalist Oles Buzina.

Kuzmin submitted a deputy request to report on the work done to Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka.

“I will not let the Prosecutor General’s Office ‘blur’ this case and quietly bury it in the archive,” said the politician.

According to him, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine (GPU) withdrew the case from the State Bureau of Investigations (SBI).

“The GPU sent a criminal case about the organisers and orderers of the murder of Buzina to the State Bureau of Investigation. And a few days later, for some reason, it called it back.

I am not aware of the reasons for this decision.

It is important to remember that on November 20th the powers of the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate crimes expires, which means that in a few days the case will return from the GPU to the SBI.

Then we will look at the activity of new investigators,” said Kuzmin.

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