Ukraine’s Rescue Team

How Klimkin, Ryaboshapka and Danilyuk united

Ukraine received disappointing news from the IMF – there will be no emergency assistance from the Fund. Covering the Ukrainian budget deficit was denied. Let me remind you that the government in Kiev applied to the Fund for assistance, which is provided only in the most urgent situations – and Ukraine was refused.

This situation is like armageddon for Ukraine. The only existing thread connecting it with American-European money and its owners is beginning to break. And Ukraine just needs a team of super-heroes who, like Bruce Willis, will save the country from economic collapse. And a miracle – such a team appears. And it consists of downed pilots – former NSDC Secretary Danilyuk, former Prosecutor General Ryaboshapka and former Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin joined forces for a good cause. Simply a “super-ex team”.

Apparently, this is another alliance against the current Zelensky government. This is what was said in the statement on the occasion of the creation of the next anti-crisis platform:

“The current government cannot offer adequate solutions to society. Ukrainians are disoriented by populist statements and slogans that replace concrete actions… Therefore, having practical experience in implementing systemic tasks and reforms in key government areas and working in crisis situations, we decided to combine our efforts to create a new platform for developing specific professional solutions to respond to current challenges and form a team capable of implementing them.”

What is hidden behind the populist statements of these three former Ukrainian managers? Good intentions or PR? An extra opportunity to offer a reminder about themselves? Not really. The same Ryaboshapka is very closely associated with the Americans, namely, with the US Democratic Party. During his time as Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Ryaboshapka covered the cases of Burisma, while he didn’t charge the formerRight Sector member Sternenko with murder, and the murderers of Oles Buzina (nazis from C14) were not punished. The leader of “C14”, also during Ryaboshapka’s tenure, got into the public council at an anti-corruption bureau.

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Pavel Klimkin – an ardent Russophobe who became Foreign Minister after Maidan, and who retained his position after the resignation of Yatsenyuk – is no less interesting. Now he has lost his position, like his platform partner Ryaboshapka. Klimkin did not cooperate badly with Petro Poroshenko. Thus, we can assume that this is one of the first public veiled rams of the former President of Ukraine, who will now try to increase pressure on Zelensky on all fronts. So there is no question of saving Ukraine. These are the first signs of the beginning attempt to redistribute power, in which Poroshenko wants to enlist strong support from the US, including with the help of Ryaboshapka. These three will still have someone to connect to.

Daniil Bezsonov

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