Ukraine’s Shelling of Gorlovka Injured Two Children and Killed Their Mother

NEW – August 25, 2022

A resident of Gorlovka described how his neighbour died during the shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Usually, a woman with two children hid in his basement, but this time they did not manage to get there. The last shell covered them.

“Our basement is well equipped. They were constantly running to us with their children, as soon as the shelling began. She didn’t get there. The boy was wounded, he is in intensive care. The daughter got off with a concussion,” the man said.

The shelling of Gorlovka began at 6 a.m., a local resident said. The shock wave in her house blew out the windows.

Fragments from shells are found on playgrounds every day. As a result of the shelling, high-voltage lines are regularly damaged – people are left without electricity. In addition, in Gorlovka, as well as in Donetsk, “PFM-1” mines are scattered, because of which civilians are being blown up. Every day the authorities report on the dead and injured.

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