Ukraine’s “War of Independence”: “Azov” Announced its Return to Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A separate special forces unit returned to their advanced positions at the order of the high military command.

The battalion, which is known for its nationalist ideology and marauding, declared its fast arrival to the zone of the armed conflict in Donbass.

“Fighters from our unit returned to the advanced boundaries of Ukraine’s war of independence and, together with brothers-in-arms from the Armed Forces, carry out combat orders in the OUF zone in accordance with the orders of the high command”

reported the press service of Azov

The “Azov” battalion was created from volunteers in May 2014 in Mariupol as a battalion of the patrol service of the special purpose police, in September it transformed into a regiment, and in November it was included in the structure of the National Guard of Ukraine. In August 2016, within the framework of the National Guard of Ukraine’s planned regrouping of forces and means in the Donetsk region, the “Azov” special purpose regiment was partially sent to Mariupol from the Zaporozhye region for the fulfilment of objectives.

“The fighting capacity of Azov is at the highest level, and we are wholly worthy of showing it to the enemy”

it is said in the statement

Earlier the US Congress recognised Azov as a neo-Nazi unit and forbade from spending the funds that Washington allocates to Kiev as military aid on training the militants of this unit, purchasing weapon for them, or other forms of assistance.

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