Ukrainian “Aidar” Militant Threatened Transcarpathia With a Massacre If a Referendum on Joining Hungary is Held

As an example of just how “democratic” post-Maidan Ukraine is, the nowadays deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and former commander of the Nazi battalion AidarSergey Melnichuk stated on the NewsOne TV channel that the Ukrainian Armed Forces can reach Lake Balaton on the territory of neighbouring Hungary in two hours, should the need arise.

Mariya, a resident of Transcarpathia who phoned in to the studio, asked if Melnichuk thinks that Hungary will be able to offer the residents of Transcarpathia living conditions that they cannot refuse and will hold a referendum on joining Hungary.

“Ukraine has already lost Crimea, it lost several districts of the Donbass [sic – ed] and Lugansk region. Do you not think that this scenario can be repeated in Transcarpathia? Here Hungarian pensions are given to our Transcarpathian Hungarians in large quantities. Do you not think that their pension, which is ten times more than ours, can tempt our people to hold a referendum and vote for Hungary?” she asked.

Melnichuk said in response:

It takes two hours for the 128th brigade to reach Lake Balaton, and the Hungarians will not do anything. There is a sufficient military force to deter aggression. This will not happen. There will be nothing there

How else can this be interpreted other than a threat to carry out genocide? Will the “international community” condemn such a comment, made not just by a Banderist militant, but by a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada? It’s doubtful.

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