Ukrainian Analyst: There Is a Danger of A “Second Ukraine” Emerging

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Due to the present course of the Ukrainian authorities on the splitting of the country and the unwillingness to move on to negotiations with LDPR, the emergence of a second Ukraine maybe become a reality, which will be formed around the Republics of Donbass and will become an alternative to the present regime in Kiev.

Such a forecast was voiced on the air of “Shuster LIVE Weekdays” by Ukrainian political analyst Andrey Yermolaev.

According to him, world history knows many such examples. Already today the Republics of Donbass occupy an area comparable with the size of some European countries.

“You we have to realize that three years of war taking place in Donbass creates in front of us the same historical challenge that is familiar to other nations. By the way, the German example is not the most successful – there is the Chinese example, when Taiwan emerged after the Second World War, and part of the elite, of the military, and of the population created a project of another China, there is the tragic fate of Korea, which was split into two parts with different social systems.

We have the risk of another Ukraine, which will be born precisely because a large territory the size of a European country for various reasons ended up in the hands of adventurers, “aggressors” and so on… It is not a village with a hundred people, it is a big space, which is quite socially organized, with its history,” he said.

Yermolaev reminded that Kiev rejects the possibility of direct talks with the LDPR, and that all who disagree with this policy immediately receive the label of “separatists” and “terrorists”.

“There, people actually live and, excuse me, in Ukraine itself, in the composition of the political elite, there people hear nothing but negativity, even when they try to listen, and those who are alone try to offer another language, they are reprimanded, recorded as terrorists and separatists. In the end, the politicians in Kiev have no clear proposals for Eastern Ukraine, and that’s why  a new identity is being formed there,” declared the political analyst.

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