Ukrainian Analyst Ruslan Bizyaev: The Conflict in Ukraine Has Shown That Politicians Use Theology as a Geopolitical Tool

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In an exclusive interview to “Glavnovosti”, the political analyst Ruslan Bizyaev explained how changes happen in geopolitics if theology is used as a tool. 
It is especially well visible in Ukraine, but there are examples in the Middle East too. Thus, in Turkey in 2008 when Bartholomew wanted to begin the creation of a United Orthodox Church in Ukraine, Erdogan did not allow it.

Ruslan Bizyaev is uncertain that today Erdogan agrees with Bartholomew’s actions:

“Currently he maintains his silence, but this does not mean that he agrees with what is going on. There is a chance that he will speak against Fener’s actions”, he explained.

At the same time, the processes happening in the Middle East demonstrate that the United States is gradually being forced out of this region. The recent meeting in Turkey between Putin, Erdogan, Merkel, and Macron showed that they have lost two key allies – Turkey and Iraq.

Ruslan Bizyaev predicts that changes in the situation in the Middle East can be unexpected even for experts:

“The situation can change and change very unexpectedly at that. And change in the political situation will inevitably lead to changes in theology,” noted the political analyst.

He paid attention to processes in Belarus, which are reminiscent of what happened in Ukraine slightly earlier:

“Along with movements in Ukraine, attempts are now being made to shake the church situation in Belarus too. We see that a certain plan is at work, where theology acts as a geopolitical tool,” said Ruslan Bizyaev.

The political analyst connected these processes to what is now happening in the United States. The deepening of the split in society can last until 2020:

“Possibly, this situation will last until 2020, when a consensus is found in the United States of America or, on the contrary, a sharp phase of the conflict will begin. Mid-term congressional elections showed that the division in the elite and, respectively, in society deepens”, summed up the expert.

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