Ukrainian Analyst Ruslan Bortnik: Only China’s Money & Normalisation of Relations With Russia Will Save Ukraine

The Ukrainian authorities need to refuse to cooperate with the IMF and should ask for a loan from China. In the near future, the country’s role in Ukraine will increase, as will the number of supporters of normalisation of relations with Russia, and this will happen against the background of the decline in the role of the West.

This was stated on the TV channel of “UkrLife” by the political scientist Ruslan Bortnik.

“The authorities today not only need to cooperate with China – it is necessary to turn to China and ask for a state loan, instead of asking the International Monetary Fund under those absolutely harsh demands.

IMF money is actually the most expensive money in the world. There is no money in the world more expensive than IMF money, because the interest rate is low, but it has such socio-economic conditions that if you multiply them, you will find that we are overpaying for this money manyfold.

It is necessary today to turn to China and ask for this financial support from China. I think that China will not refuse us in the current situation. They have significant interests that concern the Ukrainian economy, but they have no interests that concern Ukrainian politics and the social sphere.

In principle, this (intervention) is not characteristic of Chinese politics around the world, they do not interfere in the politics of states, they pursue their economic interests. I think China’s role may be increasing, and the West’s role will be decreasing, and the number of supporters of pragmatism of relations with Russia within the government will grow.

That’s something that’s probably going to happen in our politics at this time. But this is with competent leadership,” said Bortnik.

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