Ukrainian Analyst: Russia Resisted Sanctions, Economy Is Not Torn to Shreds

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


For the past three years, Russia has turned into a country that cannot simply “counter the US”, but also without it it’s impossible to solve world problems. This was stated on the air of “UkrLife” by the political scientist Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

According to him, all statements that the sanctions “tore the Russian economy to shreds” are not justified.

“The attitude to the Russian state changed qualitatively. A few years ago, nobody at all was seriously concerned that Russia will not only counter the US, but also it can insist on its position and realize that this position is contrary to the desires of the US or to force them into compliance. Like, for example, when removing chemical weapon in Syria…

Three years ago the President of the strongest country in the world said that the Russian economy was torn to shreds by sanctions. Moreover, that it is some regional power. So what? It is torn to shreds? Well, it suffered certain serious problems, nevertheless, it already had reached zero growth. Mostly not because of the American sanctions, but because of the drop in oil prices. But it is unimportant. What is important is the fact that already nobody doubts that the world problems cannot be solved without Russia,” declared Pogrebinsky.

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