Ukrainian Anti-Regime Livejournal Blogger Kidnapped by SBU

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


As was reported on the social networks of friends of the writer and publisher, Berdnik has not yet made contact.

Her arrest could end badly, wrote Russian historian Alexander Dyukov.

“This is terrible news – Ukraine arrested the journalist Miroslava Berdnik. Given the fact that Miroslav cannot boast good health, it’s very bad,” said Dyukov.

According to him, Berdnik’s books were banned in Ukraine.

“Let me remind you that a month ago the books of Berdnik became pawns in someone else’s game. “The secret history of Ukrainian nationalism” was included on the list of prohibited Ukrainian books. The proliferation of such books in Ukraine is punishable by criminal responsibility for Art. 110 of the criminal code of Ukraine “Encroachment on territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine,” said the historian.

Information about Berdnik’s possible arrest was confirmed to by Kiev and its friends. Later, the historian and the political scientist Vladimir Kornilov explained that Berdnik was arrested by the Security Service of Ukraine in Kiev.

“This morning in Zaporozhye the SBU captured Miroslava Berdnik (known as varjag-2007), famous historian, writer, blogger, and Bandera whistle-blower. I don’t use the words “arrested” or “detained” as no one knows the details at the moment. It is known that the people representing the Zaporozhye SBU raided the apartment where she lived and took her away in an unknown direction,” wrote Kornilov.

According to him, Berdnik had several serious surgeries over the last two years and needs medication and special care.

“I want to remind you that in June 2014 in Mariupol the opposition 60-year-old journalist Sergei Dolgov was also captured and allegedly taken away by the Zaporozhye SBU. Since then there has been no reliable information… I call on all concerned people in Ukraine and Russia to demand the immediate release of Miroslava!” said Kornilov.

Miroslava Berdnik is a popular journalist, blogger, and writer from Kiev. She is the daughter of the Soviet Ukrainian science fiction writer Oles Berdnik. She is known as a critic of what is happening in Ukraine since the Maidan and an opponent of Ukrainian nationalism.

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Whilst in “Putin’s Russia” the Russian opposition can freely demonstrate their opinion on the street, in “European, Democratic” Ukraine every resisting voice that counters the Junta regime is kidnapped, jailed, tortured, and assassinated.

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