The Ukrainian Armed Forces Shelled Two Schools in Dokuchaevsk in the Middle of the Day

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Armed Forces of Ukraine purposefully shelled a school where pupils at that time were present. This was
 reported by the press service of the DPR Armed Forces.

“Today, at around 12:00 Ukrainian punishers opened fire at the settlement Dokuchaevsk using BMP-2 weapons (40 shells). The planned shelling was purposefully aimed at school No.3, which at that time had pupils inside. By a lucky chance there were no victims. Also, Ukrainian war criminals hit the teacher’s room, fortunately nobody was inside,” reported the Defense Ministry.

“In addition, an apartment in a residential complex on 22/5 Melnikova Street caught fire; at 65 Lenina Street, school No.3 – a teacher’s room was hit, the facade and glazing was damaged; at 40 Lenina Street − a boarding school was hit, in the sleeping quarters; 22/5 Melnikova Street − an apartment caught fire; 1a Melnikova Street − the hairdressing salon “Leto” was hit, the facade and glazing was damaged,” it is said in the statement.

Also, a local resident who witnessed the shelling provided a photo of the shrapnel that flew into the room where she was.


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