The Ukrainian Army Killed Two Civilians in Donetsk, the OSCE Refused to Record It

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Again, Donetsk. Again, Trudovskoye. Again, a mother with her son. Only this time nobody survived…

On June 4th, on the holiday of the Holy Trinity, in the settlement of Trudovskoye Tanya Zaichenko was killed. Her son Vladik with severe injuries was taken to hospital. Tanya was buried on June 7th. The boy still doesn’t know that his mother isn’t present anymore.

“So. Olga Anatolyevna, the grandmother of Vladik Zaichenko, who received a severe wound and lost his mother. The little thin woman with kind, faded eyes. The mother of 7 children. Grandmother of 12 grandchildren. She lost her son and daughter in this war. She’s very modest. They are a close-knit family. Vlad is slowly on the mend. He was already allowed to eat a little bit of mixed soup. But it is very very early to transfer him. He will be very glad to have good books, he likes to read very much. There is a need to find a one-room apartment for rent near Petrovka, in the area of the 114th school. I will help with things. They have no Russian bank card. Is seems there is a Privatbank one, but it needs to be found. In the photo the grandmother is with the younger granddaughter Svetlana, the girl who isn’t able to smile. As the grandmother says, ‘she is a basement child’ [hides from Ukrainian shelling – ed].”

On June 12th, on Russia Day, the Ukrainian military again committed the murder of civilians here.

The Artemyev family lived in a modest house on 25 Lugovsky Street. The frontline is very nearby, and that’s why in the house, as per usual in frontline areas, there are no intact windows.

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80-year-old Lidiya Vladimirovna and her 54-year-old son Viktor were at home when a Ukrainian shell that arrived from Marinka killed them. The mother and her son were killed at the same time…

The observers of the OSCE mission who arrived to the settlement refused to record the latest crime by the Ukrainian military. The reason – the lack of asphalt on the road towards this tragedy, according to the war correspondent of the press service of the Ministry of Defence of the DPR Mikhail Andronik. It sounds crazy. And nevertheless, such are the rules of security for this structure. Now the observers of the Mission move only on roads with a hard coating. The new rules were introduced immediately after the blowing up of the vehicle with observers inside near the Lugansk village of Prishib in April of the current year.

In the video filmed by the press service of the Ministry of Defence of DPR, the horrible, soul-destroying screams and cries of relatives of the dead are audible.

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