Ukrainian Artillery Struck Donetsk Schools, Wounding & Killing Many Civilians

NEW – May 30, 2022

In Melitopol, Ukrainian saboteurs carried out a terrorist attack. Ukrainian artillery struck Donetsk, killing six people.

On Monday, May 30, an explosion occurred in the centre of Melitopol. As a result, two volunteers were injured. They were hospitalised.

As it turned out later, the bomb was planted in a street manhole and exploded when a car with volunteers was driving by.

The explosion occurred at the house, which in Melitopol is called “Balitsky’s house”. This gave rise to the Ukrainian media to claim an attempt had been made to assassinate the former People’s Deputy of Ukraine Evgeny Balitsky, who today is the head of the Zaporozhye regional administration controlled by Russia.

“Evgeny Balitsky, are you asleep? Our partisans are not sleeping. In Melitopol, an explosion occurred near the house where Evgeny Balitsky, who defected to the enemy and became a collaborator, lives. I hope the pig was killed,” said People’s Deputy of Ukraine Aleksey Goncharenko.

The wish of the Ukrainian deputy did not come true.

Moreover, it turned out that the toponym “Balitsky’s house” is connected with the house in the construction of which Balitsky took part. Melitopol residents know about this. But Ukrainian journalists did not.

Later, Balitsky himself commented on the situation.

“Unfortunately, two volunteers who were on their way to work, a guy and a girl, 25 and 28 years old, respectively, were injured today. Today they are in the hospital. Their lives are not in danger. Today, unfortunately, the Kiev regime has carried out a terrorist action directed against the peaceful, calm life of our city, which does not give rest to the Kiev regime — that the city can live and develop peacefully without their love and embraces. This will not stop us. Everyone understands perfectly well that this is agony and senseless, simply directed against our lives, which, of course, we will prevent and we will live and work peacefully and develop our city,” Balitsky said.

As Aleksey Selivanov, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Zaporozhye region, noted in a comment to RIA Novosti, the nature of the terrorist attack in Melitopol indicates a “Ukrainian trace”.

“According to the handwriting, the terrorist attack is similar to a Ukrainian one, because the task of the Ukrainian authorities is to intimidate civilians, disrupt the flow of peaceful life, which has been restored on the territory of the Zaporozhye region,” the policeman said.

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Law enforcement officers are conducting investigative actions, the perpetrators and other accomplices of the crime will definitely be found, Selivanov assured.

The Investigative Committee of Russia announced an investigation into what happened in Melitopol.

“Investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee will record and investigate the fact of a car explosion in the city of Melitopol, Zaporozhye region of Ukraine, as a result of which civilians were injured… The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation will identify the persons involved in the commission of this crime in order to bring the perpetrators to criminal responsibility and ensure the principle of inevitability of punishment,” the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation said in a statement.

As was stated by Vladimir Rogov, a member of the Main Council of the Military-Civil Administration of the Zaporozhye region, what happened in Melitopol indicates the need to bring demilitarisation and denazification to a conclusion.

“Such terrorist attacks will not stop as long as the terrorist formation USIL (the Ukrainian state of Ivano-Frankovsk and Lvov) exists. Zelensky’s regime hates peaceful life in Melitopol and other liberated territories. Demilitarisation and denazification must be carried out to the end in the entire post-Ukrainian space!” said Rogov.

The incident will have negative consequences for Ukraine, media expert Anatoly Shary is sure.

“50 people could have been killed because this explosion was a terrorist act in the city centre. If the Ukrainian government is fighting through terrorist acts against its enemies on its own territory, then you just need to admit it. Western media should pay attention to this kind of thing because it is a real terrorist attack. Explosions, murders, begin to occur regularly in temporarily uncontrolled territory. And ordinary people suffer. Terrorist methods,” Shary said.

He stated that he would monitor what was happening.

Artillery raid on Donetsk

A 14-year-old girl was fatally wounded during the shelling of the Budyonnovsky district of Donetsk by the armed formations of Ukraine, the mayor of the capital Aleksey Kulemzin said.

“As a result of the shelling of the Budyonnovsky district along Dinamichesky Street, two 14-year-old girls were injured. One of them died, the second was hospitalised in a medical institution,” the mayor said.

He added that residential buildings 8 and 12 along Dinamichesky Street were damaged by shelling.

The dead girl became the sixth killed by Ukrainian gunners in Donetsk today.

Earlier today it was reported that the Voroshilovsky district of the capital was also shelled, shells damaged the university building, gymnasium, school and two apartment buildings. The fire was conducted from enemy positions in the Avdeevka area from 155 mm artillery (NATO model) and “Smerch” MLRS with cluster munitions. Later, 5 civilians were reported dead and 16 wounded. Among the dead were two female employees of School No. 22.

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The Investigative Committee of Russia has announced that it is already investigating the shelling of Donetsk, which killed six people.

“The investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee will identify all persons involved in the commission of this crime, the actions of the perpetrators will be given a criminal legal assessment,” the department said.

Multiple world champion in powerlifting Mariana Naumova, who is in Donetsk, spoke about the circumstances of the incident.

“I arrived only yesterday, and our air defence system illuminated the road for me. In general, yesterday in Donetsk was the most terrible day for in recent times — four dead, 20 people injured and many houses destroyed. In general, it is atypical that this arrives in the city centre. Now we are in the Voroshilovsky district — the very centre of the city. School No.22, a regular school. Look what happened to it. An arrival, two blows were the strongest. The school was also affected, and there are two people who died. A woman on the next street was cut by shrapnel and died. Many employees were injured. Fortunately, there were no children at school today, there is a distance learning process at school. But there were employees: teachers and technical workers. In general, as far as I understand, there was supposed to be victims: maybe Ukraine knew that humanitarian water was supposed to be distributed here, and perhaps that’s why it hit here. The information on the shells is different. They say that these are new 155 mm howitzers — a new NATO weapon that was delivered to Ukraine, and ‘Uragan’, ‘Smerch’ with cluster munitions. Of course [I] came here to find out what happened firsthand and tell my subscribers so that people know that the city centre is also being shelled every day. People live like this, and everyone should not have questions about what the special operation is happening and why we are here,” Naumova said in a comment to the Donbass Decides channel.

Later, Slovak Defence Minister Jaroslav Naď said that his country would hand over to Ukraine eight “Zuzana” 2 self-propelled howitzers, 155 mm caliber – it was with this caliber that Donetsk was shelled. Earlier, Slovakia handed over a 155 mm “Zuzana” self-propelled cannon to Ukraine. The difference between the “Zuzana” and “Zuzana 2” howitzers is the length of the barrel.

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The centre of the Budyonnovsky district [May 29]. At this time, a lot of civilians are walking. The Ukronazis are firing at the civilian population of the city.

Two days earlier, the UAF also showed the action of the French “CAESAR” 155 mm caliber howitzer. It is noteworthy that this is the longest-range howitzer now in service with Ukraine – the maximum range of its strike is 54 km.

The DPR Ombudswoman Dariya Morozova called the shelling of Donetsk evidence of the agony of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“The armed formations of Ukraine (UAF) purposefully use scorched earth tactics against the civilian population of Donbass. I regard what is happening as the agony in which the Kiev punishers commit these monstrous war crimes. After all, there are no objective reasons for attacks on schools, hospitals, kindergartens and residential buildings. There is no logic in rear attacks. There is no way to explain the shelling of places of mass gathering of people with heavy weapons during rush hour,” she said.

Morozova pointed out that the Ukrainian military is actually subjecting residential quarters of cities and districts of the DPR to massive shelling around the clock. The territories of the republic are already moving into the affected zone, where the calm situation persisted even in 2014-2015 — during one of the “hottest” periods of the conflict in Donbass.

“The events taking place today in Donbass are an unprecedented tragedy and absolute proof of the degradation of international humanitarian law. However, all persons involved in the murders of innocent residents of Donbass should understand that the time of impunity is over. For eight years, while the world community turned a blind eye to the outrages of the Ukrainian authorities, we recorded every fact and formed the evidence base of the crimes of the UAF. Now the collected materials will be presented as part of the upcoming tribunal. And, I assure you, every guilty person will be brought to justice,” the DPR Ombudswoman summed up.

She also expressed her condolences to the families of the victims.

Residents of Stakhanov spoke about the UAF shelling. According to an eyewitness, some townspeople, hearing the sounds of shells, miraculously managed to ‘drop into the vault’, where they waited out the attack. As a result of the shelling, two pregnant women were killed and about 24 people were injured, including eight children. According to the correspondent of Izvestiya, one of the pregnant women died on the spot, the second — in intensive care.
Assistance to victims and relatives of those killed today [May 29] in Donetsk.

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