Ukrainian “ATO” Forces Unaware That They Already Discredited Themselves in Gorlovka Forever

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Alexey Karpushev

Ukrainian intelligence has today once again reported that “terrorists” (naturally, under the leadership of the Russian Federation!) are preparing in Gorlovka certain provocations aimed at “discrediting” the “anti-terrorist operation forces”. Damn, when will these morons at last understand that there hasn’t been a need of the DISCREDITATION of the “anti-terrorist operation forces” among the population of Donbass already for a very long time! In particular, specifically in Gorlovka, where this line was definitively crossed on black Sunday – on July 27th, 2014, when these same “forces” shelled with Grads the center of our city, having brutally killed several dozens of civilians, among which were grandmothers selling flowers near the Melodiya shop and the young woman Kristina walking with her little daughter Kira in the Square of Communards. At that moment “anti-terrorist operation forces” forever discredited and drenched themselves with the blood of innocent people, for which they will never been forgiven by the people of Gorlovka!

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