Ukrainian ATO Volunteer & Euromaidan Activist Criticised Kiev Authorities Live on TV

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Euromaidan activist, and later ATO volunteer, Maria Berlinskaya blew up on the air of a Ukrainian television with an emotional speech about the crimes of Kiev officials concerning their people. The acute speech of the young woman not only shut up the mouths of all the politicians present in the studio, but also caused serious resonance in social networks.


Berlinskaya is the head of the Center for Support of Aerial Reconnaissance. She was in the ATO zone for more than a year, that’s why she saw first hand the horror of what is happening in Donbass. It was not the fact of war itself that became flagrant for her, but Kiev’s behaviour towards their own army, which Ukrainian corrupt officials literally sent to their deaths.


Berlinskaya did not hold back her emotions during her speech, not allowing a single word to be uttered by Ukrainian politicians and political scientists who participated in the discussion in response. She expressed indignation about mass corruption and “kilograms of golden watches” in the country. At this, at a time, when UAF fighters on the front line have a lack of helmets, body armor, thermal imaging cameras, and drones to save their lives. According to her, she doesn’t know how to explain all of this to the Ukrainian Diaspora abroad, which she regularly asks for money for the ATO.


In this regard, according to the activist, the only way to at least somehow change the situation in the country is ending the war, as well as the voluntary change of government, before the people overthrow “over-fed oligarchs” with their own hands. And in this, unquestionably, she is right. At the moment, all the troubles of the Ukrainian people stem precisely from Kiev.

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