Ukrainian Banderist Dmitry Korchinsky: Veterans of the Red Army Must Apologise to UPA Soldiers

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The leader of the “Bratstvo” radical group Dmitry Korchinsky lashed out at veterans of the Great Patriotic War on air of Ukrainian TV channel “Magnoliya-TV” (at 26 mins in the video).

When the studio showed a photo of a modern Ukrainian nationalist who is shaking hands with a veteran of the Red Army, the hero of the program started to be indignant.

“The whole problem of Ukraine was always making compromises – the fact that we couldn’t stand our ground and not reconcile with our enemies, and not look for a compromise with them. As soon as Ukraine starts to look for a compromise with its enemy, it immediately loses”

said the radical

He, bursting from rage, started to sat over and over that all Soviet soldiers were employees of the NKVD, and they have no merits in front of Ukraine. On the contrary, according to the radical, veterans should be ashamed of their past and apologise to modern fascists, who promptly gain popularity in Ukraine.

“They had to repent, throw all the Soviet rattles they wear into the garbage and apologise for what they did when serving the Soviet Union. Here that man with Soviet rattles is a representative of occupants. This is all his youth, and everything he likes is what the occupiers gave to him for his service”

said Korchinsky with hatred

At the same time, the grandfather of Korchinsky himself fought against fascists and died in 1941.

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