Ukrainian Banderist: Those Who Died in Odessa in 2014 Are Not People

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The leader of the right-wing radical group “Street Front” Demyan Ganul said that he doesn’t consider the death of people in the Odessa Trade Unions Building on May 2nd, 2014 to be a crime.

He made such a statement at a press conference that took place on April 26th devoted to the so-called “March of Ukrainian order”, which Ukrainian radicals want to hold in Odessa on May 2nd.

“I don’t see a crime there, is that brief enough?” said Ganul, commenting in particular to a question about who will bear responsibility for the deaths on Kulikovo Field.

The Ukrainian right-wing radical responded immediately after the remark from the audience “I.e., they aren’t people?” by saying: “I don’t think so”.

It should be noted that there was also at least one OSCE Representative at this meeting with journalists. In addition to Demyan Ganul the head of the Odessa cell of National Case party Aleksandr Drozdov, the deputy head of the regional organisation of “Svoboda” party Konstantin Vasilets, and the leader of the regional cell of “Right Sector” Tatyana Soykina were officially registered as participants of the press conference.

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