Ukrainian Banderists Beat up a Resident of Odessa Bringing Flowers to Kulikovo Field

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On May 2nd in memory of the tragic events at the House of Trade Unions that took place in 2014 the inhabitants and visitors of Odessa brought flowers to Kulikovo Field.

Despite the cordons of law enforcement bodies and National Guard soldiers, who protected the territory of Cathedral Square and Kulikovo Field, one Anti-Maidan supporter was beaten by Ukrainian nationalists.

The injured party was Mikhail Ilyin. He was “intercepted” by radicals at Privokzalnaya Square. He said that he was bringing flowers to Kulikovo Field.

According to him, he was attacked by the leader of the radical group “Street Front” Demyan Ganul. In comment to “Strana” he evasively answered that Ilyin “was punished by god”. Ilyin gave a statement to law enforcement officers.

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