Ukrainian Banderists Provocatively Marched Through a Mourning Odessa With a Torchlight Procession

In the evening of May 2nd about 1,000 Ukrainian nationalists from right-wing organisations staged a torchlight procession on the streets of Odessa during the “March of Ukrainian order” on the fifth anniversary of the events of May 2nd 2014.

Videos of what happened were published by local media on YouTube.

Young people dressed in camouflage walked along the central streets of the city and left lamps in the form of the Ukrainian coat of arms on Grecheskaya Square. They also held a prayer service for the Heavenly Hundred and Kiev’s military operation in Donbass.

The procession began this afternoon. The marchers walked in rows in the center of Odessa. For this, the police blocked traffic on several streets. The marchers chanted: “Glory to the nation, death to enemies, Ukraine above all, and Glory to Ukraine – glory to heroes.”

Earlier skirmishes began on Kulikovo Field, where the memory of the victims of the May 2 tragedy was being honoured.

According to the correspondent of the “Strana” news agency, about 40 young guys with red balls passed inside the cordon. It is worth noting that usually on the day of commemoration of the victims of the tragedy, after 4:00 pm hundreds of black balloons are launched into the air.

These guys were immediately surrounded by people who came to honour the memory. A hustle and verbal skirmish began. The young people constantly shouted out “Glory to Ukraine!”. Both sides of the conflict insulted each other, the situation was tense.

Near the House of Trade Unions there were about 40 pro-Ukrainian activists and about 300 supporters of Kulikovo Field [Anti-maidan – ed], mostly elderly people.

The police were near, but did not intervene in the conflict – everyone was already mixed up into a single crowd.

Those who are sympathetic to the victims of the tragedy prepared to launch black (three bundles of 20 units each) and white (one bundle with the same number) balloons. This, as they say, symbolises the souls of the dead.

Eyewitnesses say that during the clash one of the women hit a journalist. The girl received no injuries, only her clothes were damaged. The police did not carry out any arrests.

Also, an inhabitant of Odessa published a photo with the shish kebabs that he had for lunch on the same day near Kulikovo Field. The provocative photo was published by Demyan Ganul – an Odessa Banderist and leader of “Street Front” – on his social network page.

“We just had lunch with kebabs near Kulikovo Field,” said the activist.

It is worth noting that the publication made between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm gathered 168 likes. But at the same time, many left negative comments under it.

“It is very regrettable for me that the brain of this young man was minced when he was younger, when he went to football matches, not to cheer on his team, but to mumble in the crowd with fans of his opponent’s football club. Questions about the situation in general would not have arisen if the obvious symbolism of his post had not been traced to a situation where people were burned alive,” wrote one of the commenters.

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