Ukrainian Biolabs and Nuclear Power Plants – Disasters That Threatened Europe

NEW – March 11, 2022

In addition to outright military preparations against Russia, there were at least two other problems in Ukraine that required urgent Russian intervention. These are biological laboratories that worked on assignments from the United States and nuclear power plants that were used in a regime that threatened accidents. This opinion was expressed by orientalist and analyst Karine Gevorgyan, a correspondent of the Public News Service reported.

The problem of US biological laboratories scattered around the world has become extremely urgent after the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. According to some microbiologists (for example, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Peter Chumakov), the virus causing COVID may be of artificial origin. Therefore, the problem of US biological laboratories on the territory of a country bordering Russia was discussed at a meeting of the “Pravda Street” club on February 3.

Gevorgyan drew attention to two problems on the territory of Ukraine, which could turn into catastrophes in the very near future. The first is biolabs controlled from the outside:

“We know that on February 24, two US biological laboratories were supposed to open on the territory of Ukraine: in Kiev and in Odessa. Among other things, they were sharpened in order to develop biological genetic weapons. ‘But we cannot allow this’ (quote from the film “The Very Same Munchhausen – ed.)”

The second problem is the nuclear power industry that Ukraine has inherited since the Soviet Union:

“There are four operating nuclear power plants in Ukraine besides Chernobyl. There are fifteen power units on them. Seven of them are equipped with rods of the American company Westinghouse. Americans order these rods from Sweden. The alloys of these rods do not meet the safety requirements. The TVEL rods are made of a different alloy, this is our secret, which the Ukrainians did not get. Therefore, seven power units are in a potentially emergency condition,” the expert said.

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As Gevorgyan explained, the problem of nuclear power plants was at the level when decisive action was required immediately:

“Power units are always switched on not by 100%, but by 50%. This is the normal mode of operation. But since Ukraine had energy problems, they have been working at 100% since 2014.”

The delay threatened a catastrophe of the continental level, the expert stressed.

“It is clear that any accident threatened us, threatened Belarus, threatened the whole of Central Europe.”

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