Ukrainian Bonafide Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky: There Aren’t Any Oligarchs in Ukraine

The businessman Igor Kolomoisky doesn’t consider himself to be an oligarch and insists that today in Ukraine there are no oligarchs. He said this to journalists on the sidelines of the 16th annual meeting of the Yalta European Strategy (YES) in Kiev.

“I am not an oligarch. I don’t agree. This role is abusive, I ask to not apply it to me,” said Kolomoisky jokingly in response to a remark made by a journalist who called him an oligarch.

“And what power do I have? Why do I need deputies? What laws will they lobby for me,” added the businessman.

He also denied that Igor Palitsa is the deputy controlled by him, having called him simply a comrade.

“Palitsa is not my deputy. He is my comrade, friend, and partner when he is a deputy. Lately he has been some deputy all the time, therefore he can’t be involved in business,” said Kolomoisky.

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