Ukrainian “C14” Radicals Blocked the Heart Institute of the Famous Surgeon Boris Todurov

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On Friday, December 14th, members of the nationalist far-right organisationC14 paid an uninvited visit to the Heart Institute.

On this day the labour collective held an internal meeting, during which questions concerning the activity of the establishment were brought up.

Further information both from the radicals and from Boris Todurov:

The activist of “C14” Roman Sinicyn explained the reason for the interest in the “Heart Institute” as follows: nationalists accused Boris Todurov of “hiding the titushki leader [Yury] Krysin in the children’s ward of the Heart Institute from the court and the pre-trial detention center”.

“C14”, knowing in advance that a meeting would take place on December 14th, sent inside the “Heart Institute” to this closed meeting of personnel their own participant so that she “covertly”, as Sinicyn put it, filmed what doctors and the personnel of the “Heart Institute” talk about among themselves.

But things didn’t turn out in the way that the radicals had hoped. The woman was noticed, asked to present herself, and when it became clear that in the hall during an operational meeting there was an outsider who had nothing to do with either the personnel of the Institute or its patients, the police were called.

The nationalists didn’t like this.

“Heart Institute. Todurov blocks peaceful activists”

wrote the radicals at 17:00 on December 14th during a live stream from the Institute.

The director of the “Heart Institute” Boris Todurov, in turn, made a video in which he recorded his conversation with the police patrol that arrived to the Institute.

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In the video the world famous cardiosurgeon describes the incident for police officers and asks to identify the unknown persons who committed hooligan actions, calling Todurov a “separatist”.

Also, the director of the “Heart Institute” asked law enforcement bodies to remove the video filmed by the uninvited visitors at the internal operational meeting of personnel of the medical institution.

An hour after the beginning of the active phase of the standoff the activity of the Institute was paralysed because of the presence of strangers and polices. An investigation is ongoing.

Nationalists urge all their supporters and sympathising journalists to come, accusing the Institute of “illegally holding the female camera operator”.

Police officers are interrogating all who were at the scene.

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