Ukrainian Car Owner Burned His Imported Land Rover in Protest Against the Rada’s New Tax Law

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The head of Avto-Evro-Sily Oleg Yaroshevich kept his promise and burned his own car after the Rada adopted a law on the legalisation of a car with foreign registration. He stated this during a live Facebook broadcast.

“When I said at our rally that I will burn the Land Rover if our amendments aren’t put to the vote, it was not populism or PR! It was a conscious statement made by a leader who understands that for most people who acquired the right to use a car under a European registration for €1500 [~48,000 hryvnia; the amount of importation tax that will have to be paid for such a car according to the new law – ed], it is cheaper to burn the vehicle than to buy it and to obtain customs clearance, according to the laws adopted today! As the leader of the organisation, who treats all statements responsibly, I burn this car in protest!” he said during a live broadcast.

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