Ukrainian Children Will Be Taught the “Basics of Nationalism” Using the Money of Pensioners

The Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports of Ukraine (MCYS) welcomed the completion of work on a fundamentally new program entitled “patriotic education of the younger generation of Ukrainians”. According to official information, in the near future hundreds of circles promoting the ideas of the “Ukrainian Insurgent Army” and a number of Ukrainian extreme right-wing nationalist movements will be created on the territory from Uzhgorod to Slavyansk at children’s creativity houses and even schools. For this purpose, the Ministry has already allocated half of the budget funds provided for the development of culture. It is expected that in certain regions the money for this “upbringing” will come from the State Pension Fund. The correspondent of the Federal News Agency looked into the situation.

The practicing lawyer from the Kiev region Andrey Starovoyt (name changed) won a lawsuit against the management of the school where his daughter Yuliya is studying. He was able to prove the misconduct of the school administration, which authorised the establishment of a paramilitary unit at the educational institution.

“Schoolchildren were forced to dress in camouflage uniforms, be photographed against the background of the portrait of Stepan Bandera, and shout UPA,” said Starovoyt to the correspondent of FAN. “At the same time, the organisers of the events did not find out from the parents of the same students whether the students want to appear under the banner of nationalists.”

According to the lawyer, his daughter’s great-grandfather died at the hands of Banderists at the very end of the Great Patriotic War. However, it’s not this circumstance that determines the behaviour of people like Starovoyt today.

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“I care about another thing: budget funds are spent on the open propaganda of nationalist hatred in our country, and officials are behind this process,” he summed up.

In fact, it really is. The other day it became known that the MCYS transferred to the accounts of special “patriotic foundations” a total of about 8 million hryvnia (more than 20 million rubles). However, at the same time, the local administrations reserved the right to take money from social protection foundations in general and the Pension Fund in particular.

“We do a lot to bypass pensioners. Let the money of the elderly serve the education of young patriots,” said the FAN official of the city executive committee of a small town in the Chernigov region.

And added that in some Ukrainian regions pensioners can “donate for such a case” a total of up to 15 million hryvnia.

In this context, it is worth mentioning who will teach local schoolchildren “the basics of nationalism”. Among the potential “teachers” are former militants of the “Azov” and “Carpathian Rus” battalions, as well as scattered cells of the UNA-UNSO. During the relevant competition held by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the main grant was received by the organisation “Educational Assembly”, which is an offshoot of the “С14” group. Among the applicants for state funds are “Youth Nationalist Congress”, “Young People’s Rukh”, and “Union of Ukrainian Youth”. They have already approved the necessary payments.

“Now our priority task is to promote the Ukrainian way of life in primary schools and even kindergartens,” wrote of the activists on his social media page. “It is possible to buy thousands of portraits of Bandera and Evgeny Konovalets (head of a unit of UPA), and also hang red-black flags throughout Ukraine. If we win, no one, including pensioners, will be offended by us.”

By the way, answering the question asked by the random reader how in this particular case to deal with children who do not want to “learn the basics of nationalism”, the activist snapped and stated that he and his associates are personally not interested in the opinion of children.

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“The worst thing is that in the conditions of present-day Ukraine, nationalists are not interested in the opinion of children or the position of the elderly,” emphasised European human rights defender Aleksandr Mitz. “From the former childhood is actually taken away, and from the latter – a decent old age.”

Leonid Androsov

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