Ukrainian Citizens Near Rada Demand Restoration of USSR

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


At the building of the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev, on the last day of September, several dozen protesters gathered, protesting against the rupture of ties with neighboring States. Activists openly regret the collapse of the Soviet Union and wished for Ukraine’s unification with Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan into a single state.

“I want, I dream about how it would be good if Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan would unite into one country. Then, we would win on the world stage compared to China, Korea, America, and Japan – all!” one of protesters, artist Lilia Litvenchuk, declared on the camera to correspondents.

The employee of the office of the Verkhovna Rada, who refused to be named, interfered in an emotional discussion between protesters.

“The Ukrainians say that at the time of the Soviet Union, we lived well. But it’s not understandable why Ukrainians voted against the Soviet Union in the referendum? We had two votes. In the first one, 80% voted for the preservation of the Soviet Union, and then, six months later, the same 80% voted for the proposal of Kravchuk for Ukraine’s independence,” recalls the official, shouting with difficulty over the other participants.

“How could this happen? It’s very simple – people were fooled, deceived, confused!” concludes the protesters.

At the end of the intense and emotional discussion, the activists came to the opinion that Ukraine should unite with Russia and Belarus, but on special conditions.

For two and a half years, from the screens of all TVs we heard the thesis about “Russian aggression”, but judging by the polls, Ukrainians are less likely to believe propaganda. According to the latest survey of the Kiev Razumkov Center, the majority – 55% – of Ukrainians do not want to break bilateral diplomatic relations between Kiev and Moscow. At the same time, only 24.8% of Ukrainians expressed a complete rupture of relations with Russia.

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Despite the opinion of the people, the government in Kiev continues to accuse Russia of instigating and supporting the conflict in Donbass. But whatever the current officials in Kiev claims, total propaganda of hatred towards Russia in the Ukrainian media does not give results that supporters of the continuation war and the “Euro-integrators” expected. Ukraine recorded a significant decline in anti-Russian sentiment.

The rally in Kiev near the Verkhovna Rada demonstrates that people are increasingly opposed to the Russophobic policy of Kiev. And people’s resentment is growing every day. Ukrainians overcome their fear, and even in the West of the country voices of friendship with Belarus and Russia are heard for the reunification of the once artificially divided united Russian people and “non-Russian” Ukrainians, and Belarusians. And, it was difficult to imagine something like this just a few months ago. People can be labelled as “agents of Russia” and “FSB special forces” for such statements, but people’s patience, it seems, is coming to an end.

“There are many cases where people demand the restoration of economic relations with Russia. Kherson, Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk, together with local MPs, raise this question. In these areas ,a lot of products are grown, but the sales market is blocked, because it is in Crimea. The State incurs losses, but primarily it’s the producers, who don’t understand why the political ambitions of the leadership of the country affect their welfare. The people take the brunt of it, not the President. He deeply spits on the interests of Ukraine,” said the Ukrainian politician Volodymyr Oleinik .

Despite the Kiev regime reinforces repression, trying to prevent manifestations of discontent, tired and scared citizens are taking action. But this “vapour” of popular indignation risks from day to day to explode inside the boiling pot, and let it out on the street.

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And this means that soon the current government will have to leave and cede its place to more adequate politicians that will be able realize the aspirations of the people, to restore peace in the country and to come to peace and cooperation with neighboring States.

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