Ukrainian Composer Vladimir Bystryakov Reminded Poroshenko What Happened to the Last Person Who Announced the Creation of a Ukrainian Autocephalous Church

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Commenting on December 15th’s Unifying Sobor, the well-known composer and musician Vladimir Bystryakov stated on the air of the NewsOne TV channel that the President of Ukraine and his government’s attempt to interfere in church affairs is an obvious violation of the Constitution. Regardless of how this affair with the creation of a new Ukrainian church may end, all of this obviously leads to the split of the state through the split of society.

He also noted that for people faith and the church are not completely identical concepts. “Faith is something high, while the church is, after all, an industry, albeit a church one”.

According to Bystryakov, the fight against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) is very well built into the general concept of fighting against the entire Slavic world.

“In our general mess the church was the only arbitration judge who laypeople could turn to in order to be consoled and to ask for some advice. And when the fight against the church of the Moscow Patriarchate – where the service is held in the Russian language, which very easily enters into the paradigm of the fight against the entire Russian-speaking culture – started, it became a part of the split of the Slavic world and of our Ukrainian world too”

said the composer

Besides this, on the air Vladimir Bystryakov decided to directly address the president of Ukraine.

“I am a person who believes in signs, and, using this opportunity, I would like to directly address the president and ask him: “Petro, do you believe in signs?”

asked Bystryakov

He further added: “Exactly 100 years ago the Hetman of that time Pavel Skoropadsky declared the creation of the Ukrainian autocephalous church, after which he remained the Hetman for exactly 1 months and 2 days. Doesn’t this remind you of anything? And if to add to this the continuous fainting that accompanies your appearance alongside soldiers and the falling of banners, then it seems to me that fate hints to you some mystical things”.

In addition, the composer said the following:

“We are not the bearers of the ultimate truth. Neither you, as president, nor I, as a musician. We can be mistaken in something. That’s why it would be worth paying attention to what is happening around you, because for your previous colleague it was enough that once a wreath dropped on his head, it was the end”.

concluded the musician

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