The Ukrainian Court of Appeal Begun Consideration of the Case of Political Prisoners Dmitry Vasilets & Evgeny Timonin

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Uspishna Varta


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On January 24th, the Court of Appeal of Kiev considered the appeal in the case of journalists Dmitry Vasilets and Evgeny Timonin. The lawyers of the defendants asked to release them from under guard and to acquit the prisoners! But the prosecutor is sure that the 9-year sentence is quite lawful and adequate for a non-violent crime where there are no victims or even material damage!

The lawyer Lyoshenko gave as an example when in Russia journalists were conditionally sentenced to two years for a publication; their case was considered in the ECHR and later the journalists received compensation to the amount of €15,500. How much the Ukrainian authorities should give as compensation for more than two years of imprisonment and a 9-year sentence is difficult to imagine!

The accused Dmitry Vasilets considers that it is precisely because of this reason that, after the full defeat [of the SBU – ed] in courts of the highest instance and forthcoming dismissals and penalties against Ukraine concerning judicial lawlessness, the SBU together with the prosecutor’s office tried to send them for an exchange!

Also interesting is the fact that the prosecutor’s office in some internal expert report came to the conclusion that it can declare the Internet as a platform for the media and to jail anyone who on their personal pages will dare to express dissent, presenting this as calls for terrorism, high treason, calls to change the borders, and other unreasonable lawlessness.

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The following court session will take place on February 21st, beginning at 11:45.

The human rights group “Uspishna Varta” continues monitoring the case of the bloggers Dmitry Vasilts and Evgeny Timonin!

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