Ukrainian Defence Ministry Wasted $500,000 on Unusable Helicopters

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Officials from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine purchased helicopters unusable for the military worth $500,000, as was reported on the website of the Prosecutor General.

The Ministry said that previously, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry had signed a contract for the purchase of helicopters from a private company. The equipment was delivered and accepted into service by the officials. Later it turned out that the obtained vehicles were unsuitable due to poor technical condition and equipment. In addition, it was found that the same helicopters were implemented by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine private joint stock company in 2010 as surplus and unusable military equipment.

“Officials from the Ministry of Defence purchased unusable helicopters, which had been pre-sold to a commercial entity as excess military property… Due to the actions of “clever businessmen”, the state suffered damages amounting to about 12.7 million hryvnia (about $500,000), and military officials face from 5 to 7 years of imprisonment,” it is said in the statement.

The Prosecutor General added that the military Prosecutor’s office of the Kherson garrison of the southern region of Ukraine on this fact opened criminal proceedings on the grounds of a crime provided by the article “negligent attitude to military service”.

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