Ukrainian Deputies Criticised the Decision to Print Banderist Slogans on Football Shirts

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada criticised the decision to print the slogan Glory to Ukraine used by Hitler’s allies on the shirts of football players of the national team.

The deputy Evgeny Balitsky stressed that he has a negative attitude towards such a decision.

“Despite the fact that there is nothing wrong with the phrase ‘Glory to Ukraine’ in itself, it is necessary to remember that it was used by Banderists. Therefore I am categorically against it. Besides, it was possible to use more tolerant expressions. But the current authorities use any pre-election topic that can polarise society and hammer another stake into it as much as possible. They survive on exclusively this. All of this is links of the same chain: language, the church, now football and other topics. It is the principle ‘Divide and conquer’,” said the deputy.

The deputy Tatyana Bakhteeva supported her colleague from parliament.

“It is promoted by nationalistically oriented politicians. It is some kind of agony. Sport can’t be used for political aims. It is necessary to then hold a referendum and find out who is for what ideology and history. Most of the population is against such manifestations. It has reached such a level that Andriy Parubiy openly propagandises Hitler. People don’t understand this and are very alarmed. All of this is very dangerous and won’t lead to anything good,” warned Bakhteeva.

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