Ukrainian Deputy About the New Media Law: This Is the Introduction of Censorship, a Crackdown on Dissent

The adoption of the media law is, in fact, the adoption of a law to impose censorship and suppress dissent in the country. This opinion was expressed by the people’s deputy from the “Opposition Platform – For Life” party Renat Kuzmin, communicating with journalists on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada.

“Today there will be a historic session of the Information Policy Committee. It is not even the privatisation of Odessa film studio, it is not even the adoption of the law on privatisation of all the country’s property. This is more. This is the adoption of a law to introduce censorship and a crackdown on dissent,” he said.

“To make it clear to you what this is about, this law of the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting allows everything in the media sphere, from keeping registers of journalists to making a decision to cancel the license of the TV channel, but, most importantly, now it is possible to keep blacklists of persons who, according to the National Council, do not have the right to be present in the media space. Can you imagine? Blacklists in a democratic country. And blacklists of persons who are forbidden to give interviews or to participate in TV programs are made by the National Council at the prompt of the SBU and NSDC,” added Kuzmin.

“What is the National Council? The National Council is eight people, four of who are appointed by the President of Ukraine, and four others are appointed by the presidential mono-majority of the Rada. The NSDC is known to be run personally by the President and the SBU is headed by an official appointed by the President. Hence the conclusion: via this law the current government wants to give the incumbent president the powers that Adolf Hitler gave himself in 1933. We must not allow the current government, which calls itself democratic, to lead the country to this shame. The whole world must pay attention to what is happening in Ukraine. We should not remain silent, we should not allow this to be done, this law should not be adopted and voted on by the Rada,” summed up the people’s deputy.

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