Ukrainian Deputy Aleksandr Vilkul: The Quicker This Parliament Is Disbanded, the Better for the Country

Translated by Ollie Richardson


This parliament is impractical, since inside it more than 50% of people’s deputies have a “difficult psyche”. This was stated on March 1st on the air of the TV channel “112 Ukraine” by the People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the “Opposition Bloc” party Aleksandr Vilkul.

“Parliament worked for only 10 days. For 5 days of this they considered the law on the so-called reintegration of Donbass – needed by nobody and harmful to the country, which doesn’t lead us to peace.

Then on another day they argued about the Polish anti-Banderist laws, and so during this time nothing normal was adopted. Why did the parliament work for only 10 days during 2 months – this is precisely a question for Parubiy, a question for the coalition. The quicker this parliament is disbanded, the better for the country,” considers the People’s Deputy.

At the same time Vilkul has added that early parliamentary elections in Ukraine will hardly take place as the power isn’t able to afford to take this step. At the same time the deputy has supported early carrying out not only parliamentary, and and presidential elections.

“There have been rumours for several days about early elections. I supported and continue to support early presidential and parliamentary elections, and the quicker they will take place, the quicker the war will end, the less they [the government – ed] will steal, and the quicker people will cease to perish and the restoration of the country can begin.

I consider that it is necessary to hold elections, but I don’t think that these authorities will decide on it, they still have a guaranteed year or more to loot in the war, to have impunity, to enjoy pleasure from having absolute power. I don’t think that they will risk this,” noted Aleksandr Vilkul.

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