Ukrainian Deputy Aleksandr Vilkul: Ukraine Needs to Free Itself from External Management and Abandon the Harmful EU Association Agreement

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukraine needs to free itself from external management and abandon unprofitable international treaties, in particular – the economic part of the Agreement on Association with the EU. This was declared by the co-chairman of the Opposition Bloc faction Aleksandr Vilkul on the air of the 112 Ukraine TV channel.

“The economic part of the agreement with the European Union is harmful to us and defective, it is ruining our economy,” stated Aleksandr Vilkul.

“Our country has been under external management for 4.5 years, it practically has a semi-colonial status. Yes, it’s true, these stupid documents – which are harmful to our country and which didn’t need to be signed, selling our sovereignty and economy – were signed 4.5 years ago,” added the politician.

At the same time he noted that there is a need to revise a number of international treaties for the development of the Ukrainian economy.

“In order for us to feed our own people there is a need to reconsider the economic part of the agreement with the European Union. Secondly, it is necessary to restore our traditional presence in the markets of the CIS countries and, after achieving peace, in the market of the Russian Federation too. What difference does it make where we sell? In fact, we can’t sell anywhere,” stated Vilkul.

According to him, economic cooperation with the EU is not a question of the level of economic management, but the external forces’ level of controllability of the Ukrainian authorities.

“As for the credits with interest that will be paid back over many generations, concerning which we are told that it is necessary to raise the retirement age, communal payments, and everything else. I can understand western bankers, who format Ukraine under their standards. They did it many times with the countries of Africa and Latin America. I can’t understand our leaders, who every day sell some part of our sovereignty, some part of our independence, only for the sake of one thing: in order to steal and sit in their chairs, to somehow remain in power, and to create a certain illusion of ‘victories’,” stressed Vilkul.

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