Ukrainian Deputy Andrey Derkach: Poroshenko’s “Autocephaly” Campaign Was Successful Only on Pre-Election Billboards

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andrey Derkach stated on his blog on “Obozrevatel” that the reception of Tomos will not achieve the main goal – the independence of the Ukrainian Church, and all the participants of the process already feel deceived.

According to him, the reception of Tomos will change practically nothing in the life of the Ukrainian Church.

“If to trust Poroshenko, then Ukraine has received Tomos at least three times already. Let’s say we wake up on December 16th allegedly with Tomos. But what changed in the life of believers? Practically nothing. In fact – there is no Tomos; the independent church was successful only on pre-election billboards; and all participants of the process bear losses”

noted Derkach

He noted that the game of the Ecumenical throne forced almost all participants of the process to feel deceived.

“His (Bartholomew’s) purpose here, besides money and property, is to isolate the Russian Orthodox Church and to as a result declare the Ukrainian Orthodox Church [Moscow Patriarchate – ed] as schismatic. Filaret (born Denisenko) refused the future throne and as a result battles for the right to nominate Epifany (born Dumenko). The Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church with Makari in general were tossed aside as marginals: they weren’t brought to the negotiation table with the Greeks, they were given nothing except promises. The bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church who are being dragged for a conversation in the corridors of the government feel that there is the desire to use them for a one-off, even if it they will be paid, but they don’t have any prospects in Filaret’s herd”

wrote Derkach

According to him, the President is also disappointed in the process.

“Watching his approval rating fly down because of the non-negotiable pope-schismatics irrepressible in their ambitions and thirst for status; the Greek speculators’ lust for money and property; the zealous idiocy of law enforcement bodies, for sure the president becomes sad”

considers Derkach

In general, the People’s Deputy assessed the expected result of the sobor negatively.

“The result of the Amusing sobor will be shameful. The charter and powers for the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (autocephalous) are being written out smaller than in the Patriarchal charter about autonomy for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church [Moscow Patriarchate – ed]”

summed up Derkach

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