Ukrainian Deputy Andrey Lozovoy Insulted Russians and Glorified The “Great Ukrainian Nation”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Kiev must fight so that Nikolay Gogol is considered by the world as a Ukrainian writer. Russia is a country without culture, unlike the great Ukrainian nation.

This was stated by the deputy from the “Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko” Andrey Lozovoy from the tribune of the Verkhovna Rada.

“To abandon Gogol means to play along with the so-called Russian world, which, in reality, doesn’t have anything of its own. It stolen something from us – Ukrainians, something from the Chinese, Germans, and the French. They have nothing of their own. And we, Ukrainians, are a great nation with an incredible cultural heritage ,which we must defend. We have no moral right to hand over what is ours. To abandon Gogol is the same as abandoning our Ukrainian Donbass and Ukrainian Crimea,” said Lozovoy.

“Colleagues, let’s not abandon what’s ours. Let’s remember that we are a great nation. Do you know what makes Moskals differ from Ukrainians? The balalaika has three strings, and the bandura has 65. They have nothing of their own, they stole everything from everyone else, and Gogol wrote about this very subtly – ‘katsaps who have power are the devil with a dog’s mouth on little German legs’. Gogol himself wrote that they have no culture, even a household one. He wrote that damned katsaps even eat Russian cabbage soup with cockroaches, and that all saints and lovers of God ate galushki. Gogol is ours. We won’t give him to anybody. Glory to Ukraine!” summed up the deputy.

Neither the vice speaker Irina Gerashenko leading the session, nor the representatives of “oppositional” factions in the hall dared to make a remark to Lozovy for insulting millions of Russian citizens.

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